Founder of Electron Cycles: Francis Janssen, came to us with a design brief to create a case for his bicycle battery. While simple enough, the case had a number of design requirements; to maximise compatibility with different bike frames, to be durable, to be affordable and to be aesthetically pleasing.

To ensure that the design brief could be met, a shelled design was chosen. The shell design dramatically reduced the production time and cost, this ensured the material could be better spent in terms of robustness. In addition, the design separation enabled the lid to be laser cut. Although more constrained, laser cutters can use sheets of plastic, which are smooth and naturally free from 3D printed layer lines.

For a project such as this, 3D printing offered a number of benefits over traditional manufacturing processes:

  • Rapid prototyping – design updates can be printed in days, it is much easier to review a physical prototype than a virtual one, e.g. CAD rendering.
  • No minimum run, whether you want one part or one hundred, it is not a problem,
  • No setup costs, some processes such as injection moulding, require expensive moulds to be able to create parts.
  • Short lead times. Depending on the size, small parts can be produced in hours, as such many parts can be created across printers in a matter of days.

In addition to the production of prints, we also worked with Francis to produce the CAD designs for the case and the lid. The benefit of being able to provide both design & production ensures that the knowledge of different printing technologies can be considered alongside the design, this ensures production runs smoothly and the quality can be maximised.

If you’re in the market for a retro fit bike battery, here’s the link to the product, they also stock many other products in the electric bike space.

NDA or not, we’re loyal to our clients and will not work for a product which would be in direct competition. However, if you have a different idea that you need help with, please do get in touch.

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