Makers Dozen – Zero Waste Spools – 37.5% Discount (£12.49 per spool)

From £149.93

Our UK PLA Filament is certified by Made In Britain

  • Made in the UK: reduced transportation, fair wage supply chain and British engineering
  • Eco Friendly: supports our #ZeroWaste commitment
  • Unique: no two batches are the same
  • Innovation: try new materials at a lower price

Save 10% with a Trio Box (£17.99 / kg delivered).

Save 20% with a Super Six Pack (£15.99/kg delivered).

Save a massive 37.5% with a Makers Dozen (£12.49/kg delivered).

Read More about this Zero Waste Project

Filament Colour
Our custom made outer boxes fit 12 spools perfectly, strong and sturdy, they'll keep your filament safe on its journey to you.


3DTomorrow Zero Waste Spools

In our experience, one of the main driving factors in waste, is cost. If something isn’t quite right, it’s very often cheaper to throw it out than actually use it! But this costs the planet instead.

In our latest push for waste reduction, we’ve decided to create a product range that allows waste reduction with minimal effort. Think of it it like Wonky Veg at your supermarket, it might look a little different, but functionally it’s still great.

Embrace Sustainability, Save Resources.

So what are Zero Waste Spools?
Quite simply they’re still a roll of our lovely Great British filament, but with the added benefit of using something up which may have otherwise gone to waste. It could be a different box, a different spool, a different colourant, bag, material, additive, etc. The line is designed for the eco-conscious creator who values both quality and environmental responsibility.

Unique Batches

Zero Waste Spools utilise excess material, packaging or experiments from our standard production runs. This approach means that every batch is unique, so, in order to give you a little insight into what it is your ordering we try to keep each batch similar in character. It may be that everything is one batch is a White PLA or everything in another batch uses single use cardboard spools.

Cost-Effective Creativity:
We believe in offering our customers not just sustainability but also affordability. By efficiently using leftover materials, we’re able to reduce costs and pass those savings directly to you. With Zero Waste Spools, you can enjoy premium-quality filament at a more accessible price.

With Zero Waste Spools, you’re not just buying filament; you’re supporting sustainable 3D printing. Reduce waste, save money, and enjoy the satisfaction of making a positive impact on the environment. Choose Zero Waste Spools for your next project and experience the perfect blend of quality, sustainability, and affordability.

Makers Dozen – Zero Waste Spools – 37.5% Discount (£12.49 per spool)


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