3DTomorrow BioPro – The Bio Based Alternative to PETG & ABS – 3D Printer Filament, 1kg, 1.75mm


  • | INCREASED HEAT RESISTANCE | BioPro has a VICAT Softening Temperature of 112C. This means from a heat perspective, BioPro outperforms PETG and is almost as resistant as pure ABS.
  • | PREMIUM – TOUGH FILAMENT | Versus PLA, BioPro is significantly less brittle.
  • | MADE IN THE UK | For the creation of our 3D Printer Filament, supporting UK business is our priority. We like to know where everything we use comes from AND believe a local purchase is better than a cheap one.
  • | ECO FRIENDLY | Our UK supply chain, commitment to zero waste and 100% recyclable cardboard spool are just a few of the ways we reduce environmental impact. We also offer print waste recycling and a spool return program.
  • | 3DTOMORROW | It’s in the name, we’re always thinking of the future. Keep your eyes peeled for our new bio-based developments. BUT, for now, we hope you enjoy your UK PLA!

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Let’s face it, PLA – as great as it is – has some limitations. When those limitations start to hold you back, you might have considered PETG or ABS? At 3DTomorrow, we are not a fan of oil-based plastic (not to mention the extra print difficulty and odour) so we have produced the perfect alternative, BioPro.

Performance Grade 3D Printer Material

Our BioPro, unlike most filament on the market, is made here in the UK. Actually, prioritising UK manufacture is very important for us, so we can support British industry, ensure fair wages, have greater control over our products and reduce transportation in our supply chain.

Transportation leads on to another important focus for us, environmental impact. Quite frankly, this should be a major consideration for every company, but quite often it ends up being an unscrupulous marketing ploy. Have you ever used a recycled PLA and thought ‘wow this is as good if not better than what I’ve used before’? We have! AND then later discovered it was pure PLA! This sort of deception was one of the main reasons we set up 3DTomorrow filament.

It’s no secret that we’re not a huge brand or a household name (yet), so a purchase will be supporting a growing business and give you the chance to shape our future. Fear not, we are in it for the long haul. Our founder turned his hobby into a business, and that’s a strong a foundation as any. We’d love you to be part of our journey.

If you’re still not convinced and feel yourself slipping towards that budget buy, just remember that there is always a reason why something is cheap; be it material fillers, weak prints, dodgy tolerances, patchy colours, future inconsistencies, underpaid workers, or an unsustainable business model. So don’t buy compromise, trade up to 3DTomorrow filament.

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3DTomorrow BioPro – The Bio Based Alternative to PETG & ABS – 3D Printer Filament, 1kg, 1.75mm

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Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 215 × 215 × 82 mm


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