If you want more bed adhesion, you want 3DLAC.

When our filament users asked what we recommend for bed adhesion, we would always suggest this product. We recommend this product because we use it every single day in-house.

To take the hassle away, you can now order the bed adhesive at the same time as your 3DTomorrow filament. So fewer shipments, which is always what we like!

We’re not a product reseller, our business is filament. BUT, we don’t mind selling a product that improves the experience of using our filament. Shipping is free when ordered with filament.

On a completely unrelated note, the 3DLAC bottle/can/tin (whatever you want to call it) happens to fit quite nicely through the spool of 3DTomorrow filament. So if you do decide to make a filament holder out of the empty bottle, please share the results!! @3DTomorrow on socials

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Stop looking for a solution to your lack of bed adhesion! Why? You’ve found it.

We started printing right back in 2014 and have tried every trick in the book when it comes to bed adhesion. When we found 3DLAC, we stopped the search, it just does the job.

In our opinion, you just can’t beat a glass bed with a light coating of 3DLAC.

From 3DLAC:

Its function is to hold the first plastic coat in order to hold the start of the printing steady, avoiding undesirable mistakes.
3DLAC is the perfect substitute for Kapton tape and other types of fixers due to cost-saving and its easy application.
A light 3DLAC mist over the surface is enough to hold completely the first layer of plastic to the base.
Thanks to the properties of 3DLAC, while the base is hot the extruded plastic is firmly stuck.
Once the printed piece gets cold, it can be taken off smoothly and without damages.

In our experience, the the first time you use 3DLAC on your build surface apply two light coats (remember to shake the bottle before spraying). Then add another light spray before you start your next print. You can see tell where the previous print was on the build plate as the 3DLAC residue comes off with the print, so if you want to really maximise your usage you can place your next print on a different part of the bed and so on.

Always impressed by how long a bottle of 3DLAC lasts, but if you’re a volume user you can buy more and save!



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Weight 350 g
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 300 mm

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