I have been running a 3D Print service since June 2015, to begin with I offered this service via the platform 3DHubs. On this platform I ran a print ‘hub’ by the name of Bath 3D Printing, so named because I had just started at the University of Bath and was advised it would be a good idea to name my hub after my local area.

Nowadays, the structure of 3DHubs has changed, but up until June 2019 it was possible for customers to interact with ‘hubs’ directly and leave direct reviews. In this four year period I received nearly 400 reviews from a total of 896 completed orders and all of this alongside studying for my Computer Science degree.

3DHubs has finally shut down this old platform, which I cannot deny does make me a little sad. This has been a large chapter of my life and I worked hard to achieve good reviews from my customers. Rather than lose all these reviews to the internet graveyard, I thought it would be nice to share them here. I hope I can continue to provide the same great service to my future customers and start collecting reviews here on 3DTomorrow.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, feel free to glance over the reviews below.