As a manufacturer that uses tonnes of plastic a year, we feel we have a duty to uphold environmentally friendly practices.

  • We launched our own filament brand with a focus on eco friendly filament. Not only does this significantly reduce our carbon footprint, but also allows us to helps our users do the same.
  • Where possible we print with Eco PLA, our PLA made from recycled material. We are also looking into other recycled materials which we can add to our filament range.
  • PLA is made from plant starches so is a sustainable plastic unlike oil based alternatives.
  • 3D Printing is an additive process producing inherently less waste than subtractive processes such as CNC machining, where you start with a solid block and gradually remove material.
  • Our packaging is recyclable and we also make use of recycled packaging where possible.
Scaled pylons, printed for an engineering firm in Bristol