At 3DTomorrow, we aim to provide a fast print service. Moreover, we understand that customers value speed, and sometimes turnaround time can be crucial for a project. In most cases, prints will be started within a few hours after an order is received. An order can be placed quickly online via our instant quote service.

The completion time of the order is dependent on several factors:

  • Dimensions of the part (high impact). Large pieces have longer print times than small pieces; some particularly large items can have print times of multiple days.
  • The total number of parts submitted (high impact). A greater number of parts will increase the total print time of the order. 
  • Print technology (high impact):
    • For FDM printing, the turnaround time is generally one to two business days.
    • Resin printing, the turnaround is three to five business days
    • MJF printing, the turnaround is five business days.
  • Support material requirement (medium impact). Support material removal increases the time taken to produce parts, so this will have an effect if required.
  • Colours required (low impact). Multiple colours require more intervention between prints, so this can also increase lead time 
  • Time submitted. Orders submitted very late in the day have a lower chance of being started the same day.
  • Additional requirements.

The factors above should indicate the time complexity of your order. In all cases, we attempt to optimise production to ensure a fast print service. However, if you are working to a strict deadline, we recommend sending an email with your requirements to see if they can be met. Additionally, we would recommend getting in touch for batch orders, since there may also be a price benefit available.

Example turnaround times

  • FDM printed architecture models (left): 20 units, medium to large in size, completed in a 5 day turnaround.
  • Commerical Resin (centre): 5 business day turnaround.
  • 2 part bobbin assembly (right), via FDM. 100 units, completed in 4 days.

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