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3D Printing Service

(11 customer reviews)

  • Upload your file for an instant quote, all files uploaded are treated as confidential. Feel free to call if you wish to discuss your project: 07495825317, or use messenger.
  • Turnaround time is dependent on the part, specification and order volume, but is generally 1-2 days for FDM orders, 3-5 days for Resin and 5 days for MJF.
  • A setup charge of £5.00 applies for the total order. If your part cost seems high, read our guide for reducing order cost or get in touch.
  • Minmum Order Values ~ FDM: N/A ~ Resin:  £30 + VAT ~ MJF: £100 + VAT.
  • Price Includes VAT.
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HP 4200 MJF 3D Printer
  • FDM - Default Resolution
    • 200μm Layer Height - 20% infill
    • 200μm Layer Height - 40% infill
    • 200μm Layer Height - 90% infill
  • FDM - High Resolution
    • 100μm Layer Height - 20% infill
    • 100μm Layer Height - 40% infill
    • 100μm Layer Height - 90% infill
  • FDM - Low Resolution
    • 300μm Layer Height - 20% infill
    • 300μm Layer Height - 40% infill
    • 300μm Layer Height - 90% infill
  • MJF
    • 80μm Layer Height - HP MJF - 100% infill/solid
  • Resin
    • 50µm Layer Height - Resin - 100% infill/solid
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11 reviews for 3D Printing Service

  1. Rich Halliwell (verified owner)

    I can’t rate this company highly enough. I found a model on a third party site to join a bottle to a different brand pump (medula to close 2 nature). I was able to ask for advice and got immediate responses over the website chat. The model upload process was simple. I was even able to update the printing instructions for an upgraded material with better heat tolerance so I could run the adapter through a steam steriliser great quality finished item. Excellent service. Next day delivery. Would use again

  2. Mark de Cates (verified owner)

    Really good service, and local to me. I needed a fairly complex, multi-component FDM printing job done quickly and at low cost. Callum couldn’t have been more helpful, and the results were as I’d hoped. I’ve used both the fully-online ‘printing-as-a-service’ system by uploading my model for a single component, and sent a complex job through via email to get a detailed quote and the job done. Both experiences were great, and I look forward to using 3DTomorrow for my next project.

  3. Charlie Wedd

    I used the 3D Tomorrow print service twice to have a number of boxes printed to house electronics for a project. On both occasions the service was extremely fast, professional and efficient, and the prints were of impeccable quality. Not only this, but prices were considerably lower than any other service I could find. I highly recommend 3D Tomorrow to anyone in need of a 3D printing service!

    • 3DTomorrow

      Hi Charlie, thank you for the review. We always aim to provide a 5* service at a fair price. Very pleased to hear you have been happy with the service received.
      All the best,

  4. Jean-Michel

    Really fast 3D printing service!

    I’ll definitely work with Callum again if I need to print another project!

  5. Mark Little (verified owner)

    10/10 fantastic prints from Callum, fast, efficient and clear communication and delivery.

  6. Channers

    After comparing a few services I decided to try 3D Tommorow. The prints I received were great; all the fine detail was preserved beautifully in the print. I like the option to get a discount if you remove the supports yourself. I will definitely be back for some more prints! Thank you.

  7. Sam Matthews (verified owner)

    Callum produced a fantastic dual art print for an anniversary gift for my wife. He also went above and beyond in helping me with the design and with my understanding of how 3D printing works in practice (this being my first project, that was much appreciated). Knowledgeable, great customer service, and a great product. Highly recommended.

  8. Adam Ward (verified owner)

    As usual 3DTomorrow have done a superb job. Great accuracy, print quality and professionalism all at a low price and faster that I would imagine possible. THE best online 3D printing shop around. Thanks for the note Callum, much appreciated 🙂 Cheers.

    • Callum Coles

      Hey Adam, thank you for taking the time to leave a review, much appreciated! Of course also pleased to hear you are happy with your recent order:)
      Have a good weekend.

  9. Alan Watson (verified owner)

    Quick turnaround on my order. I was more than happy with the print quality & it arrived in time for the weekend, which was a bonus 🙂
    Excellent service all round & a great price too. Thanks again.

  10. Sam Green

    I’ve used 3DTomorrow for countless orders, perfect every time, I would never use anyone else, highly recommend!

  11. Oli Wilson

    Oli Wilson (3D Pollen Project): I’ve now used the 3D Tomorrow printing service three times to produce scientific models and I’ve been happy with the outcomes each time. I haven’t come across comparable prices for 3D-printing anywhere else, and the service on offer is great – it’s easy to use, there’s a wide range of material options, and the communication and turnaround times are good as well. For all these reasons I’ve recommended it to a number of people looking for good 3D-printing services.

    • Callum Coles

      Hi Oli, thank you for the review. Pleased to see your project is going well!

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Print Service

3DTomorrow offer a custom 3D print service, for an instant quote, simply upload your file above. You can upload STL, OBJ and STEP files to our instant quote service. Avoid STEP files if possible, to reduce the chance of conversion errors. Most CAD programs will be able to export to one of these file types, but if you run into any difficulties please shoot us an email.

Trusted by exclusive print service platforms like: 3DHubs, Craftcloud, Make Platform; 3DTomorrow has offered a bespoke 3D print service for over five years. Because of this, you will receive great quality results at more affordable prices by coming direct, zero commission!

We understand that everyone loves to receive their parts quick, so your order will generally start production the same day, particularly if submitted early in the day. Inevitably, larger orders: many files, colours or bigger units will take longer to produce. For MJF orders, we run three batch prints a week, so depending when you submit your order, the print may start the day after.

If you have any questions, drop us a line by email, or use the messenger service (bottom right corner). Our FAQ page, may also answer some of your questions. For bulk enquiries, time sensitive orders, or special requests it is always best to get in touch.

Further Information

Not sure what to print? My Mini Factory, Thingiverse or Cults3D, have a huge range of files which you can browse through. If something catches your eye, then you can try out our 3D Printing Service.

3DTomorrow is an eco conscious print service, we take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Print waste is actively recycled, packaging is reused where possible, we even created an entire filament line to reduce our consumption of plastic by over 20%. To see our filament, click here.

Print Service FAQs

STL, OBJ and STEP files are accepted by the instant quote service. Conversion errors are more likely to apply when the STEP format is used, so STL and OBJ are preferred. These formats should be exportable from your CAD software, but if you get stuck, ask your CAD designer or send us an email.

There is a 100Mb limit for the instant quote service, if your file is larger than this you can use a file share service such as wetransfer or google links to email it to us. Alternatively, you can follow our guide on how to reduce file size.

The maximum part size depends on the selected print technology. The build dimensions are listed below:

FDM: 500 x 500 x 500 mm

MJF: 380 x 284 x 380 mm

Resin: 119 x 65 x 160 mm

Parts that exceed the dimensions in one axis can sometimes be rotated to fall within the build volume. However, for very large parts it is possible to split them up and reassemble once printed. We have production experience with many large parts: full size mannequins, animal heads, furniture, etc. Send us an email if you would like to discuss.


Our minimum order costs varies by technology, these minimums are listed below:

FDM: n/a

Resin: £30 + VAT

MJF: £100 + VAT

Shipping costs are not included in minimum order requirements.

A VAT invoice will be attached to the confirmation email sent out upon order completion.

We also offer commercial grade FDM, in Stratasys' full range of materials. Use the commercial quote form if you would like a quote for anything more advanced.

The quote form also covers Polyjet, commercial resin and requests for bulk prices.

Firstly, here is our guide for reducing order cost.

You can also get in touch with us directly if you want to discuss other printing options that can save money such as: reduced infill, vase mode printing, support adjustments, printing in parts, etc. We also have a special option for our architecture clients, which involves hollowing out the underside of prints.

If you are have a large order and want to enquire about the possibility of bulk discounts, please upload your files via our commercial quote page:

For FDM printing, most orders are completed within one - two days, however larger parts or large orders will take longer to produce. If you need an accurate turnaround time, please email the files to [email protected] and we can provide this. (wetransfer is a good way to email large files).

For Resin printing, the turnaround is three - five days.

For MJF printing, the turnaround is five working days.

FDM is short for Fused Deposition Modelling, it is a type of 3D Printing Technology. The FDM process involves creating a part by melting plastic and depositing it to create a layer, a number of layers are then fused together to create a three dimensional object. Parts created by FDM printers make great prototypes, since they have low setup costs. However, there are many occasions where they are suitable for end use: cosplay, decorations and memorabilia to name a few.

Resin is a subset of 3D print technology that includes: SLA, LCD, DLP and more. These technologies all work in effectively the same way, a light source is used to cure layers of light reactive resin into the require shape. Resin printing offers high resolution and detail, but does require support material. The technology is an excellent choice for miniatures and complex shapes.

Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) is a powder based printing technology by HP. The process utilises an inkjet array (print head) to selectively fuse sections across a bed of nylon powder. After each layer, powder is distributed on top of the bed and the process repeats until the part is complete. MJF is what is known as a self supported print technology, because the uncured powder that surrounds each cured layer acts as support material for the duration of the build. This process is a commercial grade option and capable of production use prints.


We have worked on many projects over the years, from intricate assemblies to full size models. Naturally, the experience gained over this time is transferable to the new projects we receive every day. We will happily receive any project you need help with, however we thought we would share a few areas where we have noteworthy experience and our personal favourites:


  • Low cost large items. A print that lasts 5 days is a nightmare for some print bureaus, however it is a dream for us. We have confidence in our machines and have watched them complete multi-day prints many times over. For this reason, we do not consider long production times high risk and therefore do not add a premium to the price. You will be hard pressed to find a better priced print service in this bracket. Drop us an email for a quote.
  • Architecture models. This is a team favourite, simple because we love the way printed architectural models look. The efficiency of the process is also head and shoulders above the traditional methods that can be used to produced architectural models. We have special processes for the production of architectural models which can drastically reduce the price, so please get in touch if you would like to discuss this.
  • TPU – Flexible prints. The industry recognises TPU as a difficult to print material; its flexibility encourages blocks as pressure builds. At 3DTomorrow, we have a number of modified machines specifically for TPU production. Precisely constrained extrusion pathways prevent any material blockages. The largest TPU print we have completed took 130 hours! TPU offers both flexibility and strong layer adhesion. As a result, TPU generally produces the most robust parts out of all the FDM materials.
  • Non optimised one offs. Every now and then a print comes along which defies all the design rules for 3D printing, we take these on as a challenge and have had some excellent results here.


  • Batch run MJF. The price of MJF can fall quite considerably as quantity increases. If you would like to produce items at scale, always ask for a custom quote. (Instant Quote: £500+).

Bulk Print Quote

If you have used our service before and are confident with how everything works, you may prefer to use our bulk upload form below. The process for the bulk form is: upload, select print options, select quantity, click analyse and then add to cart.

HP 4200 MJF 3D Printer

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