Everybody likes saving money, so we’ve put together a guide on how to save money when ordering 3D Printed parts with 3DTomorrow.

  1. Our auto quote system assumes your uploaded file is one piece, so always make sure that each file is just one part, this will produce the lowest cost. If you have an order with lots of pieces you can use our quote form to request a quote: https://3dtomorrow.com/commercial-grade-3d-printing/
  2. Design parts that hide layers. Shallow gradients, small features, and rounded sections in the vertical plane do not print well. If you can remove these sorts of features from your parts, then lower printing resolutions can be just as good. A part printed at 300µm is much cheaper than one printed at 100µm.
  3. If you prefer to remove support material yourself you can use coupon code: SupportsOn to save 10% (valid for FDM Parts).
  4. Optimise parts to not need support material. Shallow angles less than 35 degrees will need support, supports are materials that need to be removed and discarded, this takes time. Material = cost, time = cost, so if the part can be designed to not need support material it is much better. You can still use the above code.

Hopefully this will help you to save on your next 3D Printing order, if you have any questions do get in touch.

Reduce 3D Print Service Cost
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